Holistic Care for All

We will serve Seven Village (Saptagaon) intensively as if after a certain period no hunger will have seen, no illiterate will remain in this land. We will make a model cluster of village as “Saptagaon” as such delighted assets for the Universe will grow moderately from this area. For a real, moral and time being need of social responsibility; We will serve the following works for Saptagaon:


  1. Before Ramadan we will serve iftar items for the poor people
  2. Before a couple of Eid’s we will serve eid items for the poor people
  3. We will serve in the duration of natural disaster or emergency situation


  1. We will arrange educational counselling in every Primary & High School and Colleges in the special prize giving (from us for better result) program
  2. We will arrange motivational and spiritual classes for young and adults at least 2 in a year


  1. Table Tennis, Cricket, Football, Sprint (Very much easy to qualify, because no elements will have required except a field or a grass road)