Organization Profile


Name of the Organization: Abu Taher Master Foundation
Address: House - 10, Road - 31, Sector - 7, Uttara, Dhaka 1230
Types of Organization: NGO


1. To improve the living conditions of the country’s disadvantaged groups, in particular women, children & the poor, through launching of effective social and economic development programs.

2. To fight against exploitation, injustice, corruption and re-establish a society that respects human rights for all, especially women, children, marginalized and disadvantaged communities.

3. To raise awareness among citizens on socio-cultural issues (Human rights, Legal Aid, Environment Protection, Development issues etc.) for the general welfare of the people.


Our Projects :

Socio Economic Development Program: 
1.    Home Nursing services for old age people
2.    Fisherman aid in coastal area  
3.    Special Care for Rudrorampur and surrounding village
4.    Environment Awareness Education Program 
5.    Water and Sanitation Program
6.    Autistic Care Program
7.    Composite Agricultural firm
8.    E-Commerce
9.    Maritime Academy
10.    Manning Agent


Home Nursing services for old age people:

We are providing: 
Now a days there are many families have seen dual child of elderly parents or one child elderly parents are living in a village alone and their son and daughter who are educated living in a town for job. The educated son or daughter are sending money for their elderly parents but they are not satisfy only getting money; because they are not able to works for their essentials, like cooking, looking their garden, fields etc. Although some elderly parents are getting help from home workers or par relatives by money, they (elder parents) are not able to take medicine properly, sometimes they need to take a glass of water or tea, but they are not getting satisfactory service, as they are expecting from their Childs. At the same time elderly parents who have “dual child or one child” living in a town have seen their son or daughter living in a foreign country for higher education and residence. The higher educated son or daughter also are sending foreign currency to their elderly parents and occasionally come to their parents. Their elderly parents also depend on home workers or par relatives. How can they, elderly parents get physical support or mental support other than their own son or daughter? By thinking above all situation, we are giving home nursing services for old age people who are living alone.

In our developing country, especially South Asia region, when any elder male or female patient critically affected, they are brought to the Urban Areas Hospital. After Hospitalization some of them are died and some of them are alive; they return from Hospital to their home. After some days they are also affected with so many diseases without further medication or nursing. If they are able to take preliminary treatment or nursing services, they could alive with sound health. As a lonely elderly individual, they need special care and attention. 

We provide our services through our local staffs where the patient is living with their relatives provides care and daily living assistance to individuals in their own home the place they are living. We provide our loving care to Seniors or Elders. Our experienced, concerned and dependable caregivers make their life easier and provide peace of mind that they loved ones are taken care of in a safe and secure environment.

Our professionally trained caregivers allow their loved one to remain as independent and as comfortable as possible in their own homes. And our caregivers provide much-needed respite for family caregivers, providing in-home assistance with daily living activities such as eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, medication reminders and medication, meal preparation and light housekeeping. All are significant importance, our caregivers also provide meaningful companionship, socialization and emotional support to those needing care.

Our nursing service can be of great help for such elderly patients who want to have a person behind them helping with their self-son or daughter recovery at the comfort of the homes. As a medical professional, a nurse ensures the safety of her/his patients from health issues. A nurse at home into the family and doesn’t just remain a nurse, but much more like their family member.

How is the home nursing services beneficial for the elder parents or patients?
•    Our nursing services really such service, the elderly parents heartily think this is better service as their Childs could do.  
•    Our caregivers serving in-home assistance with daily living activities such as eating, bathing, dressing, toileting, medication reminders and medication, meal preparation, light housekeeping for the elder parents.
•    The patients are less anxious and stress, unlike in hospitals.
•    Offers support and care that helps with the patients’ efficient recovery process.
•    It has been a proven fact that patients feel and sleep better in an environment that is known to them. Hereafter, in-house nursing service is so popular across the globe.
•    Customized or adapt care is executed by the trained nurses based on the medical condition and the general health of the patient.
•    The cost associate for this is affordable.

The in-house general nursing services
You will be happy to know that our nurses are skilled and experienced enough to perform a wide range of nursing care services at home, especially for elders. They have a sound knowledge of the latest medical technology and have the license to execute the services.

Some of the general in-house nursing services also include:
•    Monitoring and recording of ECG
•    Medication administration
•    Vaccination
•    Bed bath
•    Blood and urine sample collection
•    Urinary catheterization
•    Keeping a track of the vital signs

What makes our nursing service so popular?
•    The nurses are select only via a strict background verification.
•    All that the nurses care the most are the improvement of the health of the patients.
•    Our nurses always strive for the highest quality patient care.
•    100% patient satisfaction is assured.
•    Whether you are an elderly person or an individual in need of special care, our nurses are the best option but we emphasize lonely elder parents.
•    All our nurses are train professionally and qualified.

In case, our elderly parents stay alone here in the region, we don’t have to worry about their support and care, especially serving their daily routine works. Our nurses are there to provide every assistance possible, it can be physical service or mental service. We are serving for nursing care at home like a mother serve her baby or a son or a daughter serve his or her parents by best comport with skill.

Special Care for Rudrorampur and surrounding village:
We will serve Seven Village (Saptagaon) intensively as if after a certain period no hunger will have seen, no illiterate will remain in this land. We will make a model cluster of village as “Saptagaon” as such delighted assets for the Universe will grow moderately from this area. For a real, moral and time being need of social responsibility; We will serve the following works for Saptagaon:

a)    Regular:
1.    Before Ramadan we will serve iftar items for the poor people
2.    Before a couple of Eid’s we will serve eid items for the poor people
3.    We will serve in the duration of natural disaster or emergency situation

b)    Educational:
1.    We will arrange educational counselling in every Primary & High School and Colleges in the special prize giving (from us for better result) program
2.    We will arrange motivational and spiritual classes for young and adults at least 2 in a year
c) Sports:   
1. Table Tennis, Cricket, Football, Sprint (Very much easy to qualify, because no elements will have required except a field or a grass road)



As known, widespread burning of fossil fuels and forests of amazon, Australia, USA and some other anthropogenic activities have been identified for the production of greenhouse gases creating a green house effect that is believed to be responsible for unpredicted weather conditions or the climate change and in our locality specially Noakhali, Chandpur and Comilla, there are enormous problem of  environment  like: Rain Water is not Circulated from field to cannel to river, because people made culvert barrier or embankment, as a result water stayed in and lose its quality, Fish are not grow properly, crops are not produce much. It is necessary to boost information-sharing, awareness-raising and public education on climate change. There is perhaps no other institution like local government bodies to provide a wide scope for people’s participation at the grassroots. Providing training to Chairmen, Vice-Chairmen, Members and Secretaries of the Union Parishad, Upazilla and Pouroshova on important issues of climate change will allow them to gain knowledge about the causes and effects of climate change, preparedness, justification and adaptation to climate change. The Local Government as a public institution responsible for providing basic necessities such as health, education, food, clothing, shelter needs to enhance their capacity and knowledge so that they can gain information regarding the vulnerability of the community to climate variability and change and take necessary action and help communities tackle the effects of climate change. Also, through its Rural Credit Program highlighted below, the Foundation includes a social mobilization programme, aimed at developing the awareness and consciousness of rural people in preserving and developing the environment sustainably.



Taher Master Foundations with fund from different donors including GOB has been implementing water and sanitation program in Noakhali district. The aim of the water and sanitation project is to ensure low-cost water and sanitation facilities for hardcore poor people. Taher Master Foundations will provide support to thousands of families for digging tube well and maintenance, install safe latrine. It will also execute sanitation program in order to maintain and improve public health and to minimize environmental pollution. With the help of BRAC, Taher Master Foundations will setup a sanitation materials production center. In collaboration with Upazila Parishad, 3000 sanitary latrines will have been installed to all households in Chatkhil and Shahrasti  Upazila. As a result, approximately 30,000 people will live in safe and healthy environments and their children are free from diseases out of unhealthy environment.