Introduction of Abu Taher Master

Abu Taher Master


Mr. Abu Taher Master is a royal person of Rudrampur, Chatkhill, Noakhali region. After being born, he made himself an ideal child of his parents in various ways,  while being in neglency and oppression of society at that time.

After graduation, Mr. Abu Taher Master did not enter the so-called job to pay for his own salary like everyone else. On the contrary, to build up the rural neglected society, to spread the light of education among the people, he has devoted himself to a great profession as a teacher.

At that time, Mr. Abu Taher Master, along with the wealthy and honorable people of the society, started working to establish an educational institution in this area. In 1973, Abu Taher Master established Saptagaon  Adarsha ​​High School as the first educational institution in the region. From the beginning he devoted himself to the improvement of the school through hard work and perseverance. In his hard work, integrity and intelligence, he built the Saptagaon Ideal High School as the best educational institution in the country.

Mr. Abu Taher Master devoted half of his life to spreading the teachings of the people of Saptagaon region. During his tenure as Headmaster, Saptagaon  Adarsh ​​High School became the best educational institution at the national level and Mr. Abu Taher Master was selected as the best teacher at the national level. In honor of the status of the best teacher, Mr. Abu Taher Master took the gold medal from the Honorable President of the People's Republic of Bangladesh, Mr Yazuddin Ahmed.

In his long career, Mr. Abu Taher was a very honest man. During his career he emerged as a guardian of the region. He became an educator in entire Noakhali district for his work and sacrifice in the education sector. Apart from this, he had a strong presence in various social activities for the betterment of the society.