Message from CEO

Maruf Md Jahirul Islam

The whole world, including Bangladesh, is facing an extreme economic crisis in dealing with the current Corona Virus situation. In this context, Abu Taher Master Foundation - Rudrampur, Chatkhill, Noakhali - started working in the area by providing food items to the poor and helpless people in the village. In doing so, we see the extreme crisis of the lower middle class and middle class people of the village. During this crisis most of the people of the village need a lot of support which is very difficult for our newly launched organization.

Therefore, if those who love Abu Taher sir and Saptgaon from their heart can cooperate according to their ability, then it will be possible to stand by the people of the area.

All our respected Abu Taher sir is the chairman of the organization and his family members are on the board of directors of the organization.

Abu Taher Master Foundation has taken a number of welfare work, including various activities, work-oriented education, training to create employment to gradually improve the quality of life of the people. We look forward to your best cooperation in every task.

Maruf Md Jahirul Islam

CEO and Director

Abu Taher Master Foundation

Mobile: 01617453076