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In order to spread the light of education in remote rural life, after Independence (1973) , Abu Taher Master established the first high school in this area, Saptagaon Adarsha ​​High School, in Rudrampur village of Chatkhil upazila of Noakhali district. He worked many years with utmost concentration, discipline and integrity in establishing and managing this school. In his intelligent thinking and planning, the Saptagaon Adarsha High School rose to the pinnacle of success, and while Abu Taher Master was the headmaster, he achieved the highest results among all the educational institutions in the region and was twice selected as the best educational institution in Bangladesh. Recognizing the unwavering sacrifice of Abu Taher master, in his career, Saptagaon Adarsha ​​High School elevated to the pinnacle of success and was selected as the best teacher of Bangladesh and received a gold medal from the President.

To make Abu Taher Master’s career and personal life memorable, his family members have established Abu Taher Master Foundation. The Foundation started its journey to village Rudrampur in Chatkhill upazila of Noakhali district in March 2020 to help poor people in this region. From the beginning, the organization has adopted a comprehensive and timely action plan and has been operating its activities with utmost success.

At present, the Abu Taher Master Foundation is working specifically to eradicate poverty in the region, provide various training and work-oriented education. In addition to any natural calamities, accidents, pandemics, Abu Taher Master Foundation has been providing maximum support to the people from this region. To further enhance the educational life of poor and talented students, the Abu Taher Master Foundation has been organizing regular scholarships and distributing educational materials among students. Besides, the Foundation has taken initiative to establish technical training centers and technical colleges to eliminate unemployment problems of youth and youth in Rudrampur village and surrounding areas under Chatkhill upazila of Noakhali district.

The Abu Taher Master Foundation has been working to improve the quality of life, including loan settlement, to encourage rural poor people, especially women, in the simplest terms. Besides, the Abu Taher Master Foundation has been involved in various activities, including distribution of clothes among the rural poor and the helpless.