Water and Sanitation Program

Taher Master Foundations with fund from different donors including GOB has been implementing water and sanitation program in Noakhali district. The aim of the water and sanitation project is to ensure low-cost water and sanitation facilities for hardcore poor people. Taher Master Foundations will provide support to thousands of families for digging tube well and maintenance, install safe latrine. It will also execute sanitation program in order to maintain and improve public health and to minimize environmental pollution. With the help of BRAC, Taher Master Foundations will setup a sanitation materials production center. In collaboration with Upazila Parishad, 3000 sanitary latrines will have been installed to all households in Chatkhil and Shahrasti  Upazila. As a result, approximately 30,000 people will live in safe and healthy environments and their children are free from diseases out of unhealthy environment.